Host On-Demand Mainframe Access

Remote Access Instructions

Accessing EPA's Mainframe with IBM Host On Demand

This section provides information necessary to connect to EPA's Mainframe after connecting to EPA's network via Remote Access using Host on Demand. 

The following steps are applicable to all categories of Remote Access users. Once connected to EPA's network, you will need to complete these steps to allow full-screen access to EPA's Mainframe. This document describes the process of starting Host on Demand for connection to the mainframe. Once connected, you can work on the mainframe as if you were sitting at your desk in the office.

The following terms are used in the text:

  • TN3270 - A standard for software created to access a mainframe.
  • Host Name - Name of a the server you are accessing.
  • Browser - Software used to open web pages.

Prior to starting this installation, confirm the following:

  • Availability of Applications for Installation on the Remote Computer. This can be obtained from your Agency Information Center (for EPA HQ users contact your LAN Manager).
  • You have properly configured your connection to EPA's network manually, and it is up and running and have the Access EPA Intranet and the Internet service checked.
  • Internet Explorer is installed and working properly.
  • If you have a problem installing Host On-Demand, you may need to upgrade your Java.  To upgrade your Java, type the following exactly as it appears: Exit EPA Disclaimer 
  • Click on download J2SE JRE link on the java 1.4.2 webpage.

   Connecting to EPA's Mainframe

  1. The Host On-Demand links are located on the Enterprise Server Access Home page using the URL below.
  2. Click on Host On-Demand V10.0.6 to connect to Secure SSL sessions.
  3. HOD links.bmp

  4. Click Yes in the following window to trust the security certificate.

    Host On-Demand panel

  5. Click OK in the following window.

    Host On-Demand panel

  6. Double-click on a 3270 icon below to start a Host On-Demand session to access EPA's Mainframe.

    Host On-Demand panel

  7. It can take 3-5 minutes for the mainframe window to come up and then 1-2 minutes for EPA's Menu System to appear in the window. Please be patient. EPA's Mainframe will appear in a separate window. DO NOT close your browser once the mainframe window appears. The browser is the foundation for running the mainframe. Once the connection is up and running, mainframe response will be normal.

    Host On-Demand panel

     Exiting from Host On Demand

  1. Logoff of the mainframe as you would normally.

    Note: EPA's menu will appear in the Host on Demand window.

  2. Click on the Exit button to close the mainframe window.
  3. Click on the File Menu and then Exit to close your browser.